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Saghir Oulad Ahmed: 1 Poem Published in Translation

Poem by Saghir Oulad Ahmed (Tunisia), Published in Issue 28. Translated from Arabic by Ali Znaidi (Tunisia).

Poem originally published in Arabic in


This is Me

This is me..


I thought of a people that says, Yes & No.


I adjusted what I had thought of because – simply – I


adjusted what I had thought of.


I thought of a people that says, Yes to No.


I thought of the number of victims, orphans, and widows,


& thieves.


I thought of letters fleeting from the texts.


I thought of a people/ women & men/ camels & dogs


leaving their land.


I thought of that orphan – in the government –


She was solely importing clapping


from a soprano’s concert that is singing to the gazelle,


justice, & the Christ.


I thought of an eloquent silence.


Life has gone as it has gone.


Life has gone in rushing, & in vain.


I will say a poem to Al-Asha al Kabir in the bar,


if wine runs out & the cock and the crow of the city


cry in its night:


“– O, folks!


There is no tomorrow – after now – over there.”




Mohamed Sgaier Awlad Ahmed (sometimes Saghir Oulad Ahmed) is a Tunisian poet. He was born in the Tunisian city of Sidi Bouzid in 1955. He was invited to several international poetry festivals and read his poetry in most Tunisian cities. Awlad Ahmed’s poetry is mostly known for its satire, humour, and caustic remarks. His poems are translated into several European languages.


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